Magnum Photo Essay


In the Magnum photo project I got to experience the everyday life of the Miami Metrorail stations. Different cultures, people, and experiences were seen every day on the train and around the area. Miami metrorail is a transportation that is taken from Dadeland South to Palmetto, Miami, Fl. The Metrorail was built in 1978 by ┬áthe Amtrak system. It’s something I experience myself daily on the metro, traveling to school and home. I got to photograph things that go on in the Miami Metrorail Stations.

It was an amazing experience. I got to speak to some of the people I photographed and also talk about their experiences of Miami and where they’re heading. These photographs will soon become the old Miami metrorails due to the upgrade the rails are going to take. The metro is a big part of the city life of Miami. It speaks culture, heritage, and history of the great tropical city of MIAMI, FLORIDA.